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DIRECT INJECTION MONITOR -Monitors chemical usage and remaining product on enclosed spray systems. U.S. Patent #5,665,910 

DRIVER LINX-Wireless directional lights to aid in loading of trucks, grain carts, and railcars. Easy to move from one piece of equipment to the other. U.S. Patent  # 7,034,666

START-STOP APPLICATION SWITCH -Motion activated application switch starts valves or pumps when the planter initiates motion and shuts off when Shaft has stopped.

  SUGAR BEET YIELD MONITOR  -Provides accumulated weight readings for bulk conveyor type crops. An optional 232 serial port can be added  for yield monitoring.

  DIGITAL RPM MONITOR -Digital RPM monitor that alerts an operator of slowing or stopped shaft.

PLANTER WINDSHIELDS -Protects insecticide placement from wind during planting.

KB BOX SCRAPERS  -Pull behind ATV or garden tractor for leveling or filling of yards, driveways, and beaches. No hydraulics needed.


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